Caravaggio’s Painting Technique

caravaggio's painting technique

Proceedings of the CHARISMA workshop
edited by Marco Ciatti and Brunetto Giovanni Brunetti
96 pages, illustrated
Price 30.00 euros
Year 2013



Caravaggio’s The Beheding of Saint John the Baptist in Malta. Investigation into Execution, Technique, Style and Restoration

Caravaggio’s Painting Technique: a Brief Survey based on Paintings in the National Gallery

Practises and Processes, from the Odescalchi Conversion of Saint Paul and the Adoration of the Shepherds

Optical diagnostics on Caravaggio’s Paintings with a new IR Multispectral Scanner for Reflectography

New Evaluations on Caravaggio’s Methods of Underdrawing: Art Historical and Scientific Challenges

A new Survey of Caravaggio’s canvases and preparatori Layers: Materials and Aesthetic Effects

Caravaggio’s Painting Technique Through the Study of Cross-sections: Optical Microscopy survey and SEM-EDS- Analyses

Some Consideration on Caravaggio’s Palette

Caravaggio’s Influence in the North


CHARISMA (Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructure: Synergy for a Multidisciplinary Approach to Conservation) is a consortium of European institutions working in the field of the study and conservation of artworks, aimed at promoting coordination among European infrastructures and fostering the highest level of research in the field.


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